World Ocean Day 2022

Blue Seas Protection Supports World Ocean Day 2022 5 ways you, as an individual, can protect the ocean and all marine life: 1.   ‘Pick Up 8’ pieces of Microplastic every time you visit a beach, river or stream, to immediately stop microplastics entering the oceans. 2.   ‘Shop Plastic-free’ and look for plastic-free alternatives whenever      …

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Shark Lab Isle of Wight

red seaweed in a jar, in the Shark Lab Isle of Wight

The Shark Lab opened in 2020 to investigate marine organisms and biodiversity “RAY OF LIGHT” The Isle of Wight has many rare and varied species of flora and fauna and is currently designated a recognised “biosphere” by UNESCO (see for more details). There are 600 Biospheres globally but only 6 in the UK. Sandown Bay is…

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Defra’s response to coverage on banning supertrawlers and pulse fishing

shoal of silvery fish in the ocean

Defra’s response quite clearly states we have the opportunity now to protect our UK waters, so why are they allowing foreign supertrawlers to fish in them, in particular the English channel in January this year, our marine conservation zones and currently (this week) now in the Shetlands?! Read Defra’s response to coverage on banning supertrawlers…

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“Operation Carp Lift” – Sandown Canoe Lake

Operation carp lift rescue

REPORT – August 2020 INTRODUCTION Blue Seas Protection is a registered Marine Conservation Charity no. 1189529 affiliated with UN Ocean Action Group and registered Stop Ecocide Earth Protectors.  The Chairman, Garry Oates, has over 40 years of professional diving experience, ship operation and marine salvage and rescue work, including in a Supervisory capacity.  He is…

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The Great Global Nurdle Hunt 2021

Nurdle hunting on beach Credit: Extinction Rebellion

Have you ever spotted a nurdle? The Scottish environmental charity Fidra are on a hunt for these tiny microplastic disks this October as part of a global citizen science survey and this is your invitation to take part! By heading to a beach with a keen eye, you’ll be joining a worldwide nurdle hunter network,…

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