Intertek Beachclean Volunteer Event

Intertek bleach clean event, people with large bag of plastic rubbish

Great day and a fantastic turnout from the guys at Intertek on 25th September. Despite the weather we collected over 17kg of rubbish including nurdles and microplastics for analysis. Results and data Full Report To see the full report on the event, click here to open a PDF file – FULL REPORT INTERTEK BEACH CLEAN…

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SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach & Roadshow 2022

Sharklab roadshow trailer with 'stop the grind' sign

SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach + Roadshow started in July 2022 with the two-day Noel Turner Science Festival at Cowes Enterprise College. Over 1,000 school children visited the SharkLab’s ROV displays and mini sea trugs filled with shark eggs and seaweed. Blue Seas Protection divers joined up with Project Seagrass to collect seeds across two locations.…

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Shark Eggcases Survey Results for 11 March 2022

thornback rays egg cases

What a Wet Day!  After the last two beautiful days, and despite the misty murky rain, we were determined to complete another day of Shark Eggcase Surveying of Area 2: Small Hope Beach to Tradewinds Cafe – Shanklin.  Plus, we thought, would a wet day make a difference to the number of Mermaid’s Purses we…

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Mermaid’s Purse Eggcases Survey 10 March 2022

horns vs tendrils for sharklab survey

MARCH 2022 Mermaid’s Purse Eggcases Survey Results for Thurs 10 March 2022 Area 3 – Yaverland Car Park to Sandown Pier – but we only reached Driftwood Beach Bar, due to high tide. What a difference a day makes – yesterday at Yaverland to Culver Cliffs (Wed 10 March 2022) it was bright, sunny, warm…

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Sharklab’s March 2022 Survey Results

Yaverland beach to Culver Cliffs

Hello All! Finally, the full March 2022 Shark Eggcase Survey for Sandown Bay has been completed, and the results have been posted on Facebook. If you would like to know how the survey was conducted read on… Survey Approach  The survey was conducted over 6 days by the SharkLab Crew but was naturally dictated by…

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