Teesside – die off update of the days 23rd and 24th Jan

Seaweed die off on the beach, Teeside

Update from Stan Rennie – Fisherman in Teesside

Dear Efra Committee, MMO, MP’s, Councillors, Interested Parties

A short Die Off update of the days for 24/1/25

MMO – Could you add the mass wash up of brown shrimps and dead starfish in the pots off Hartlepool, with those many other incidents I’m still waiting for your answers on. INCIDENT NUMBER 02125316, onwards, ongoing and over limit, MMO reporting time, please?

When/If you decide to answer the cause of the reported die off’s, can you please copy the EFRA Committee in?

*I will forward some photos of the shrimps, to the isc email, couldn’t attach them to this, with the next wash up report.

I have attached some clearer photos of the Kelp Die off at Hartlepool today, as I have been down the Lighthouse Corner and Battery Rocks to view 1st Hand the marine destruction of the Kelp Forests Die Offs.

I didn’t meet Jill, but our Council Leader was down taking photos for her and Mr Houchen.

Mr Houchin wasted no time at all, incorrectly posting on social media, that the kelp beds were alive and kicking, see the 2 photos he used, showing lots of seaweed. 

Although our Council leader represents a Fishing Ward, obviously he and Mr Houchen know nothing about the marine environment to know any better than be wrong on on the actual claim! Lack of local knowledge unfortunately. 

The photos used by the Mayor on social media to try and put the wrong idea that on the day – there was lots of healthy kelp, incorrectly show Bladderwrack seaweed, looking at the Elephant Rock Northwards. This seaweed grows in the shallower water, up the higher rock beach, or on higher rocks, and isn’t Kelp, so the claim is incorrect and misleads the public. Although no doubt, as from a Fishing Community, many of the residents know their Bladderwrack from their Kelp Beds, when they see them. Indeed so many public comments point that out on social media, since yesterday morning, that his claim of healthy kelp is rubbish, the photos are of bladderwrack seaweed.

The remainder of the photos, attached taken by myself, 24/1/23, show the smaller true kelp stalks, dead, leaves rotted off, only stems and roots that are turning to mush, growing mid tide range maximum, and to the deeper waters where the kelp forests grow. That should be covering the low water sea area, leaves should be floating on the surface, gone, none, all but dead. I couldn’t plodge out to get photos in the ponds, as the tide was a smaller one than yesterday, but the photos don’t lie, as long as you know what you are talking about.

The reason the bladderwrack are still there, on the Council Leaders photos, to the north – although you can see from the photos the ones showing bladderwrack are from shallower water than the kelp – is that it takes longer for the toxic dredge, SORRY, Parasites, to kill it off, with not getting covered in water so much. Just like it did in front of my home on the beach last spring, yet the blanket moss and green moss died quickly.

I took numerous samples of kelp and Bladderack, from the low water mark, and mid tide areas. Some dead Kelp remains, and some of on the higher beach, dying Bladderwrack. We have TRUE independent testing arranged, to try and help the ‘independent’ panel find the new parasite, that might or might not, as it is new, or may be, if it exists, and obviously jumps from shellfish, to starfish, to fish, to moss and algae and to Kelp Beds, even marine mammals and dogs.

All in the freezer, hope the theoretical parasites don’t jump onto our food, and poison humans.

Mass Die Off of Dead Starfish in the pots:-

The same mass wash ups of starfish dying, throughout beaches in the Die off zone, on Sunday:-

Brown shrimps reported Monday mass wash up at Bridlington Beaches.

The mayor continues the poison rhetoric on Social Media, attacking our Independent Scientists and the NEFC and Fishermen and Women. We aren’t in the slightest interested in bringing politics in the arguments or the investigations, nor are against the Freeport. Just the toxic dredge that has and is killing our seas and taking our jobs away, SORRY Parasites.

Can someone enlighten the Mayor on dangers of Mental Cruelty, his personal attacks have and ARE HAVING a deep detrimental impact on some Fishermens and Womans mental health. NEFC Members and the Independent Scientists are constantly being attacked online by the man, it’s totally not acceptable behavior, in this day and age of Mental Health awareness – he is going to push some of the our group over the edge. Perhaps He needs to go on an anger and mental wellbeing training course.

His personal attacks making something political where it isn’t, ARE HAVING a bad affect on us, with already the fall out to deal with, of the ecosystem collapse, that real peoples livelihood have been and are being taken away. We all are trying to support each other, some of us are in a dark place with the Die Offs.

Example below, and lots more if needed!

To finish:

A very enlighting article on the much viewed platform link:

Poison Earth Part 3: Defra Panel Delivers Verdict on Marine Die-off Independent panel commissioned by Defra has evaluated explanations for Tees Bay marine die-off. Earlier theories are dismissed and an unknown virus is suggested instead. However, the real purpose was to discredit the pyridine theory as this conflicts with the development of the Tees freeport. www.teesvalleymonitor.com



More to follow when more mass die offs are reported.