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One such similar petition was debated in parliament recently and resulted in the banning of shark fin imports to the UK! You CAN make a difference! Stand up and make your voice heard!

Suspend UK trade deals with Nations that hunt dolphins or whales

Blue Seas Protection wants the Government to send a clear message to all countries that the UK will not tolerate the hunting of dolphins and whales!

Suspend trade deals with countries that hunt dolphins or whales.

Stop seeking trade deals with countries that hunt dolphins or whales.

In 1982 the International Whaling Commission decided that there should be a pause in commercial whaling, and this remains in place today.

Despite this, Endangered whales and dolphins are being unjustly targeted, hunted and killed.

Whale meat contains high levels of toxins and chemicals that if consumed are a danger to human health.

Whales and dolphins (cetaceans) are a vital part of the oceans ecology and life in the ocean.

Therefore they need to be protected; so the hunting and killing of cetaceans must stop.

Sign the petition here: Petitions : UK Government and Parliament

End the dolphin grind

To Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Bárður á Steig Nielsen:
"As citizens from around the world, we are deeply saddened by the recent dolphin 'Grind' -- a feeling shared by over half the Faroese people. Together, we think these hunts should be banned. While we respect cultural traditions, the world is changing, and all our cultures have to evolve. We call on you to immediately place a full moratorium on these hunts while you commission a rigorous science-based assessment, with the sincere hope and conviction that they should be ended for good."

Sign the petition here: Avaaz

Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end

In 2019 UK Government finalised a free trade agreement (FTA) with Faroe Islands which allows for £100 million of exports of wild caught and farmed fish to Britain per annum (20% of the Faroe Islands global trade). This FTA should be suspended until all whale & dolphin hunts on Faroe Islands end.

Created by: Dominic Dyer

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Faroe Islands - Go Fund Me campaign

Want to join me in making a difference? We must at all costs STOP ! this killing of dolphins and whales in the Faroe Islands.

Please check out my GoFundMe campaign:

Go Fund Me

Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Garry Oates - Blue Seas Protection

Environment Bill Petition

The Environment Bill will only protect human health and the natural world if it is enforceable. At the moment, it allows ministers to do things, but in only a handful areas does it give them the legal responsibility to act, for which they can be held accountable.

Created by the Green Party, England & Wales
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Ban all commercial fishing in Marine Conservation Zones

Seaspiracy is campaigning to protect 30% of the worlds oceans by 2030. Marine conservation zones are already earmarked for their special flora and fauna so if we protect those from fishing they will be a safe nursery for the species within to have a chance to replenish and reproduce and restock the surrounding waters thereby benefitting fishermen as well...

Created by Garry Oates, Blue Seas Protection
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No new oil drilling on the Isle of Wight

Objected already? Still want to help the campaign?
Blue Seas Protection are keeping the petition open for as long as necessary. We can't let this slip through the net.
We've hit the 4K target but can we get to 5K?

Created by Blue Seas Protection
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Stop killing the local flowers with sprays!

Poisonous pesticide chemicals leaking into waterways and into the ocean. Let's let the council know that there are alternatives and that the people of the IOW no longer wish to pay up in taxes towards a senseless activity. Please sign and share in order to protect certain verges with habitats and flowers for Bees. We would like to have more flowery areas!

Created by Jasmine Eveleigh
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UK Government: Fix the UK’s plastic waste crisis now

Over half of the plastic packaging the government claims is being recycled actually gets dumped on other countries. Sign the petition to tell the government to fix our plastic waste crisis:

Created by Greenpeace
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Stop the mass slaughter of dolphins by the fishing industry in EU waters

We started a similar petition but this one has more signatures (338,000) so BSP is joining John Hourston of BPS to get this done! Please sign this petition to stop commercial fishing "accidentally" mass killing dolphins which is illegal!!!

Sign the petition at

Ban Supertrawlers from UK waters after leaving the EUs Common Fisheries Policy

We request that the Government proposes a ban on supertrawlers from UK waters after the UK becomes an Independant Coastal State and is no longer restricted by the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which allowed these huge vessels to decimate fish stocks and endanger marine ecosystems and species.

This petition has now closed.

You can sign a similar Greenpeace one here:

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