About Us

Blue Seas Protection is a marine conservation charity based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

Our marine conservation work covers these areas:

  • Addressing climate and environmental issues
  • Political campaigning
  • Education and awareness
  • Direct action

We work at all levels, from global and national Government campaigns, to local "boots on the ground" community projects.

Overfishing is one of the biggest issues facing our seas. We fight to ban the use of 'supertrawlers'. We work with small, local fisheries supporting IPLNF (The International Pole and Line Foundation).

We support the Seaspiracy petition to protect 30% of the world's oceans from fishing by 2030.

Blue Seas Protection aims to reduce the waste reaching our waterways, beaches and oceans. Fighting to reduce plastic waste, sewage pollution and increase awareness of discarded fishing nets. Locally, we organise well-attended monthly beach cleans.

Unfortunately, endangered marine species need protection. We combat issues with 'bycatch', entanglement in fishing gear and animal cruelty or beaching. Our BSP Marine Mammal Medics are on hand to support any local incidents.


Our SharkLab crew focuses primarily on education. We aim to spread awareness of the situations our oceans are facing, working with schools, community groups and businesses.

Blue Seas Protection is a fast growing UK registered charity - 1189529 - and is recognised by the United Nations (ID 28379) and U.N.E.S.C.O.


"Blue Seas Protection is a very worthwhile cause" ~ Helen Sinclair MBE, Friends of the Animals

“Commendable voluntary work!" ~ Stuart Churchley, Historic England

"Great work!" ~ Jane Alpine, Natural England

"Sounds like the work your charity is doing is absolutely vital" ~ David Sadd, Tesco

"Thank you for all you do to support your community. We wish you every success" ~ Julie Galano, Big Lottery

"Big thank you Blue Seas Protection for the great information on fish farm corruption!"~ Laura Kelly, Australia Environmental

"Please accept our admiration for all the hard work your organisation undertakes"~ Wight Aid Foundation

"The Governor's office was pleased to receive your comments on unsustainable commercial fishing!" ~ Mark Carney, Head of Bank of England

"I would like to help the oceans. I make sock fish and am selling them for £1 and I am splitting the profit between two charities. Blue Seas Protection being one of them. I live on the Isle of Wight and I am 8 years old!"  ~ William Jordan 

"Please continue your incredible work" ~ Jill Rabne

"As a long standing supporter of Sea Shepherd and, currently, a resident of the island of Jeju, I fully support the aims of Blue Seas Protection." ~ James Tuffs

"This is so important for future generations and the life of our planet. I like the fact that this charity uses education and petitions and not violence" ~ Denise Sweatman

Our Mission & Charitable Aims

1. Combat Overfishing

We will fight to ban the use of 'supertrawlers'. We will work with small, local fisheries supporting IPLNF. We support the Seaspiracy petition to protect 30% of the World’s Oceans from fishing by 2030.
Sign here: - Change.Org - 'Help Seaspiracy protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 from industrial fishing'.

2. Combat Marine Pollution : Operation Sea Sweep

In 2018, we devised a patent pending device, and collected 28,000 pieces of plastic and debris from around the Isle of Wight. Blue Seas Protection aims to reduce the amount of waste reaching our waterways, beaches and ultimately the oceans themselves. We were awarded recognition from Isle of Wight Council’s Community Action Awards in the Environment category for this achievement in May 2019. Fighting to reduce plastic waste, sewage pollution and increase the awareness of discarded fishing nets. Locally, we organise monthly beach cleans which are well attended.

3. Education

We aim to spread awareness of the situation our oceans are facing, working with schools, community groups and businesses to help them make the changes necessary.

4. Protect Marine Species : All Hands on Deck

Unfortunately there is a need to protect endangered marine species on a daily basis. Helping to combat issues with ‘bycatch', entanglement in fishing gear and cases of animal cruelty or beaching. Our BSP Marine Mammal Medics are on hand to support any local incidents.

5. Marine Crime Watch

Working undercover to report breaches of maritime law and to expose corrupt practices around the World. Sign our petitions.

6. Climate Fightback

We also aim to do our bit in fighting climate change, sea level rise that affects coastal populations and erosion of coastlines. Blue Seas Protection is a member of the Global Island Partnership.

Blue Seas Protection was founded in the 1980s by marine salvors Captain Silas Oates and his son Captain Garry Oates.

Having lived their professional lives at sea as commercial divers and marine salvage experts, they experienced first-hand the devastating effects of man’s

“Crimes in the oceans”

as they term them.

Rainbow Warrior Trawler
The Rainbow Warrior - donated to Greenpeace by Captain Silas Oates

In the early '80s, Captain Oates donated a trawler to Greenpeace, which became famously known as ‘The Rainbow Warrior’ - subsequently blown up by the French government for protesting their nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll near New Zealand in the Pacific.

Blue Seas Protection is now a UK Registered Charity - 1189529 - and is recognised by the United Nations (ID 28379) and U.N.E.S.C.O.

Click the link below to see our Charity Commission Registration:
BLUE SEAS PROTECTION - Number 1189529 on the Register of Charities - The Charity Commission

Captain Oates - Blue Seas Protection - sitting with anchors

As marine salvors, these anchors are some of the 3000 tons recovered from UK ports by our founders.

Meet the Crew


Chair: Captain Garry Oates

Hello, I’m Captain Garry Oates. My father Captain Silas Oates and I have served lifetimes at sea as professional divers and ocean salvage tug owners. During this time, we saw many "Crimes at Sea" that many others will never see and in the 80s, donated a boat to Greenpeace that became known as "Rainbow Warrior." As a professional diver, I’ve seen the vast scale of lost and abandoned nets "ghost fishing" the seas. "Stretched out like a carpet of white bones" with millions of creatures killed in just one net.


Charity Secretary: Susan Jane

I was very lucky to grow up in NZ,  close to nature. In 1990 I came to Europe to explore, discovered the Isle of Wight and loved it! I brought up my 3 children here and now they are all grown up and starting families of their own I feel it is imperative that I devote my spare time to my lifelong passions: The environment, the sea, education, and to my granddaughter's future. Living here, next to a marine conservation zone on the beautiful UNESCO Biosphere of the Isle of Wight places me perfectly for my voluntary work as a local town Councillor, primary school governor, and secretary of Blue Seas Protection.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-08 at 09.53.17

Trustee: Aisha Eveleigh

I’m a Founding Member and Trustee, a vegan artist, and have held several Animal Rights exhibitions, including one in London where we showcased dynamic leading activists, including Earthling Ed, and Ali Tabrizi, the maker of Seaspiracy. I studied a BA (Hons) in contemporary art and MA Arts and Business Management at Bath Spa Uni.


Trustee: Roger Barnes

I joined Blue Seas Protection in 2018 and am now a Trustee. My son is heavily involved in animal conservation, so I thought I could contribute my bit by covering the sea and oceans. My aim is to support the charity as much as possible to prevent the destruction of our oceans.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-19 at 16.07.49

Trustee: Lisa Obbard Reynolds

I love helping to make as many people as possible aware of our oceans and what’s happening and how we can help for the future. I became a trustee in 2020. I love taking Lobby Lobster out to meet everyone and promoting Blue Seas Protection and what they stand for. I've spent many years taking animals, big and small into our local primary school as I believe it’s important to teach children where their food comes from so they can learn and make their own choices in the future and understand the ecology of our land and oceans and how they work together.


Trustee and Marine Medic: Cerys Leyman

Hello, I'm a Trustee, Member as well as a Marine Mammal Medic for Blue Seas Protection. I have been with the charity since 2020.

I also have an animal care 1st diploma qualification as I am incredibly passionate about animals. To be able to be part of a team that feels so strongly as I do, has only driven myself and my son forwards to wanting to help with making changes for the future and for the next generations.

I’m looking forwards to bigger, brighter and a better future for everything and everyone in this world. My favourite job with Blue Seas Protection is taking part in the regular beach surveys and beach cleans.

Neeve our Shark Lab Tech

SharkLab Technician and Community Outreach


I am a volunteer for SharkLab and I help to conduct Citizen Science Surveys around the Isle of Wight's Coastline.  Surveys include Shark Egg Case surveys to monitor the shark population around the island; Seagrass Surveys, Seed Collecting and Planting to ensure there is a rich habitat for Shark pups to live in; Large Plastics and Microplastic Surveys to monitor the plastic pollution and clear-up of plastics from the beaches to prevent them returning into the sea. 

I help to organise SharkLab LIVE! Events across the island!


Blue Seas Protection's Mascot Lobby Lobster reaches Westminster Tube Station and stages a sit down protest

Mascot: Lobby Lobster

Our Blue Seas Protection mascot, kindly donated by Friends of the Animals.

Lobby Lobster has recently Lobbied London to STOP the Grind Hunt and to STOP Trade with the Faroe Islanders, who continue to hunt whales and dolphins purely as a blood sport.

Lobby wants to stop whale and dolphin friends from being brutally murdered in this way.

Mascot: Sharky Fin

Our newest member, Sharky Fin is a proud Blue Seas Protection mascot.

Sharky Fin is a passionate Oceanic Envoy and Ecocide Campaigner.  Fin travelled from the ocean, into the heart of London, on 4th July 2022 (Independence Day) to meet up with pal, Lobby Lobster.  Together they joined forces to Lobby London to STOP the Grind Hunt and to STOP Trading with the Faroe Islanders, who continue to hunt whales and dolphins purely for fun...


Blue Seas Protection Mascots Sharkie Fin and Lobby Lobster


Lobby and Fin weren't allowed into Parliament's Westminster Central Lobby on 4th July 2022, to Lobby MPs, because Lobby Lobster is a Crustacean not a Constituent, and Sharky Fin has no Backbone so is not recognised as a Sentient Being under UK law.  2 examples of marine life forms currently facing discrimination!

But by 7th July 2022 PM Boris resigned!  Did these Oceanic Forces bring the downfall of a PM?

If So...Can You Help Lobby Lobster and Sharky Fin STOP The Grind?

If 'YES', Lobby your MP to STOP Trade with the Faroes or hold a #Fish Free Friday to send a collective message to the Faroes that we do not want our traditional 'Fish'n'Chips' to be stained with a single drop of blood from a whale or a dolphin.  All UK's white fish such as cod, haddock and plaice come from the Faroe Islands. Unknowingly, UK Consumers are funding the Faroe Islanders lust for the Grind Hunt.  Lobby, Fin and You, personally, can help #STOPTHEGRIND

Make your voice heard...together we'll be louder!

Coastal Protector: Blue Seas Protection's Marine Conservation and Survey Vessel (available for hire)

Coastal Protector - boat charter Isle of Wight

Our marine conservation vessel, “Coastal Protector” is fully equipped as a conservation, research, survey, sea grass planting vessel. By utilising Coastal Protector for your requirements helps to support the charity's conservation aims.

Coastal Protector is also suitable as a Work Boat for Towage, Salvage, Diving and as a Safety Boat; Equally, Coastal Protector is equipped to undertake water testing around the island and is available for charter or hire around the Isle of Wight.

To discuss your requirements, along with information about current half day and day rates, please don't hesitate to contact us direct using the 'Find Out More' link below

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