Blue Seas Protection Launches Organic Circular Clothing Store

black t-shirt with image of planet earth and wording 'Blue Seas Protection - fighting for the oceans, never out of our depth'.

A fun collection of Marine Conservation beach and street wear Display your love of all marine life and messages from the sea to all who see you pass by… Declare that you are a Marine Citizen Scientist as you scramble over rock pools and hunt for Mermaid’s Purses in the seaweed… Become a Marine Conservation…

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Teesside – die off update of the days 23rd and 24th Jan

Seaweed die off on the beach, Teeside

Update from Stan Rennie – Fisherman in Teesside Dear Efra Committee, MMO, MP’s, Councillors, Interested Parties A short Die Off update of the days for 24/1/25 MMO – Could you add the mass wash up of brown shrimps and dead starfish in the pots off Hartlepool, with those many other incidents I’m still waiting for…

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On The Hook members update 30.09.22: consultation results published

On The Hook consultation reveals major concerns about performance of Marine Stewardship Council ecolabel • 77% of respondents to On The Hook consultation felt MSC’s use of term ‘sustainable’ was not appropriate • 57% said that MSC is not currently an effective indicator of sustainable fishing • 75% of respondents thought there were instances where…

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Intertek Beachclean Volunteer Event

Intertek bleach clean event, people with large bag of plastic rubbish

Great day and a fantastic turnout from the guys at Intertek on 25th September. Despite the weather we collected over 17kg of rubbish including nurdles and microplastics for analysis. Results and data Full Report To see the full report on the event, click here to open a PDF file – FULL REPORT INTERTEK BEACH CLEAN…

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SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach & Roadshow 2022

Sharklab roadshow trailer with 'stop the grind' sign

SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach + Roadshow started in July 2022 with the two-day Noel Turner Science Festival at Cowes Enterprise College. Over 1,000 school children visited the SharkLab’s ROV displays and mini sea trugs filled with shark eggs and seaweed. Blue Seas Protection divers joined up with Project Seagrass to collect seeds across two locations.…

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Murder in the Faroe Islands – Grindadrap an outdated tradition

Update Sept 2022 Despite over 104,000 signatures and a debate in Parliament, the UK government continues to effectively fund this practice by continuing to trade and import nearly £1billion worth of cod and haddock per annum. December 2021 Faroese people have been killing whales and dolphins since Viking times.  The practice originally was to source…

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Stan Rennie, Hartlepool fisherman, interviewed by The Observer over mystery sealife deaths in the proposed freeport area of Tees Valley

a mass of dead crustaceans on sand

Lives and livelihoods destroyed and yet the politicians are still glossing over what has happened. Why??   This is blatant marine ecocide and the rich, powerful perpetrators should compensate those whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed! Read the Observer article that fisherman Stan Rennie was interviewed for – link below: Observer article : ‘We just…

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World Ocean Day 2022

Blue Seas Protection Supports World Ocean Day 2022 5 ways you, as an individual, can protect the ocean and all marine life: 1.   ‘Pick Up 8’ pieces of Microplastic every time you visit a beach, river or stream, to immediately stop microplastics entering the oceans. 2.   ‘Shop Plastic-free’ and look for plastic-free alternatives whenever      …

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