Come and Join the Blue Sea Protection Crew, share your skills and work with us!

Below are details of our current volunteer vacancies, with more information on current projects and requirements.

SharkLab LiVE! in black text on a gold circle background, with the outline of a cartoon Basking Shark with its mouth open wide swimming towards you. The large mouth is in the shape of a heart, outlined in marine blue

Purple circle with the words in white 'Pick Up 8 Micro Plastics'. In the centre is a colourful cartoon octopus with 8 tentacles each holding a ball. Each ball has a letter in it, which spells out 'Pick Up 8! The logos for Blue Seas Protection and Sea-Changers are discreetly on the opposite sides of the circle, to complete the logo

SharkLab LiVE! Events 

We have a range of different SharkLab LiVE! events that we'd love you to become actively involved in:


Become a Marine Science Demonstrator giving LiVE Interactive Science Demonstrations, conducting Shark Egg Surveys, through to a Blue Seas Protection Beach Guide on beach cleans,and Nurdle Hunts.


DiVE LiVE! Logo with a cartoon sketch of a small head and shoulders of a diver peeping out behind the lettering, DiVE LiVE! in the background and a large cartoon sketch of a beautiful Spiny Seahorse, with black, orange and white stripes and spiky mane, clinging on to the full stop of the exclamation mark with its tail curled around it!


SharkLab DiVE LiVE!

We are currently in the process of planning our dives for this year, so get in touch if you'd like to DiVE LiVE!


We need:

Divers, Snorkelers, Sea Swimmers, Dive Tenders, ROV + Aerial Drone Operators, to conduct SeaSearch underwater sea habitat and Sea Life monitoring/bioblitz surveys, as Active Marine Citizen Scientists, plus underwater reporting and conducting 'minor' cleans/salvage and 'minor' net removal (Direct Action Marine Citizens)

 4 divers in black and gold, setting up equipment on the Blue Seas Protection Dive Boat just before Dive for the Great Shark Snapshot Week Survey

Divers on board the Coastal Protector, Blue Seas Protection's Dive Boat, kitting up with the Blue Seas Protection flag flying high in the wind, against grey cumulous clouds

So don't hesitate, contact us now!

Please feel free to get involved in as little or as much as you like, we really appreciate any time and knowledge you can give us, text me on my mobile number below (anytime between 10-4pm Mon to Fri) if you have any queries and/or wish to have a chat about the upcoming events.


SharkLab Technician, Blue Seas Protection

Tel: 07392 542520

Or contact our Blue Seas Protection office crew via our Contact page