We are always looking for volunteers to share their skills and work with us!

Below are details of our current vacancies, with more information on current projects and requirements.

SharkLab Events 

We have a range of different SharkLab events that we need help with. From the most recent Hullabaloo (15-16 October 10-4pm), to beach cleans, Shark Lab events and Nurdle Hunts; all the way to Seagrass planting, underwater habitat monitoring/bioblitz and underwater cleans/salvage and net removal (diving).

We are currently in the process of planning our dives for next year (2023) when it's warmer... However we do have a few pending dives coming up with Protect Seagrass, where we hope to plant the seagrass seed pods which we harvested in July. Unfortunately, seagrass pods need to be planted in winter and in special tidal/weather conditions so we don't know yet when the dives will take place. 

So it's up to you!! 

Please feel free to get involved in as little or as much as you like, we really appreciate any time and knowledge you can give us, give me a call on my mobile number below (anytime between 10-4pm Mon to Fri) if you have any queries and/or wish to have a chat about the upcoming events.


SharkLab Technician, Blue Seas Protection

Tel: 07392 542520

Or contact our Blue Seas office crew via our Contact page