Operation Outreach

Lamu Island, Kenya

Abdulaziz, a student at Bandari Maritime Academy, sitting outside the academy under the 'Bandari Maritime Academy' sign. He is holding his course books.
Does anyone remember our fisherman friend Abdulaziz from Lamu Island?
He recently sent us an update. He has been studying Blue Economics at Bandari Maritime Academy in order to understand and educate himself. He is going back to fishing in January, keen to share and apply his new found knowledge.
He currently earns $180 per month fishing in Lamu but is curious to learn about European methods if anyone would like to offer him some work experience here?

Local fisherman Abdulaziz shares his day to day life and experiences in pictures living and working in Lamu, Kenya:

"This is our traditional dhow, many in our home use for fishing the Indian Ocean. They take floating net, it not use engine and can travel like 120 mile for different place. It depends on the season of fish in any place".

Fishermen dragging a large fish ashore from a fishing boat.

Update January 2023

Our friend Abdulaziz has just sent me these clips (below) of the local fishermen working together at Shakani on Lamu Island Kenya to catch fish for market. They sell the fish for between $0.50 - 1.00 a kilo to his boss, Mubarak Shebe, who transports the day's haul to town.  Each fisherman can make up to $20 a day if the haul is good. There are 30 men per dhow pulling in up to 6 tons of fish a day - if they are lucky and if the weather is good.

Posts from the Zilain Captain Zilain Facebook Page

The quotes and links below are from Zilain Captain Zilain's Facebook page in January 2023.

Captain Zilin is Captain at Malindi Sea Fishing Club, Mombasa, Kenya.

"This fisherman are fishing trawling by using hand and can get a lote of fish like 2 tan and above per day" - this post features a video:

"They happy bcoz they successfully". This post features a video:

"This are fish those they successfully catching"
many small fish being landed as catch on a dhow fishing boat


"After success they coming to selling one kilo is 0.5$." This post features a video:


"The fisherman they saling and one boat carry 30 seaferer divide money each one can get 20 $ per day it depend of their fishing, the way they get alote the way get more money." This post features a video:

"After success they are happy." This post features a video: