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Marine Citizen Science up close and personal with Sharks

SharkLab is a unique Marine Citizen Science project. We record and collate information about the amazing, rare and protected marine species we have on the Isle of Wight biosphere, and in our marine conservation zone.

We focus primarily on marine conservation of 9 Globally Threatened and Endangered Shark Ray Skate species, who live, breed, lay their eggs and hatch their pups around the Isle of Wight.


We aim to spread awareness of the challenging issues our oceans are facing, working directly with members of the public, schools, community groups and businesses.

Contributions, collaboration and ideas exchange from other groups are welcome.


For more information and current SharkLab LiVE! EVENTS please visit SharkLab LiVE! webpages, by clicking below: 

The SharkLab crew focuses primarily on education. We aim to spread awareness of the situations our oceans are facing, working with schools, community groups and businesses.

SharkLab LiVE! is on Facebook

Upload your fascinating marine finds, images and videos on the SharkLab Group page for all to see.

SharkLab will help you identify your finds, and add your Mermaids Purses (Shark Eggcases) to Blue Seas Protection and The Sharks Trust Marine Citizen Science 'Live' Databases.

All our SharkLab LiVE! and DiVE LiVE! events can also be found on our Facebook Group page!

SharkLab News

Intertek bleach clean event, people with large bag of plastic rubbish

Intertek Beachclean Volunteer Event

26 October 2022

Great day and a fantastic turnout from the guys at Intertek on 25th September. Despite the weather we collected over 17kg of rubbish including nurdles…

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Sharklab roadshow trailer with 'stop the grind' sign

SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach & Roadshow 2022

07 September 2022

SharkLab LiVE! Summer Beach + Roadshow started in July 2022 with the two-day Noel Turner Science Festival at Cowes Enterprise College. Over 1,000 school children…

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Shanklin Shark Eggcase Hunt Day 1 19th April 2022

Sandown Bay Shark Eggcase Survey April 2022

12 June 2022

34 Intrepid Marine Citizen Scientists managed to find and classify 6 different species of Shark Eggcases found along the coast of Sandown Bay during April 2022

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thornback rays egg cases

Shark Eggcases Survey Results for 11 March 2022

06 April 2022

What a Wet Day!  After the last two beautiful days, and despite the misty murky rain, we were determined to complete another day of Shark…

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horns vs tendrils for sharklab survey

Mermaid’s Purse Eggcases Survey 10 March 2022

06 April 2022

MARCH 2022 Mermaid’s Purse Eggcases Survey Results for Thurs 10 March 2022 Area 3 – Yaverland Car Park to Sandown Pier – but we only…

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Yaverland beach to Culver Cliffs

Sharklab’s March 2022 Survey Results

06 April 2022

Hello All! Finally, the full March 2022 Shark Eggcase Survey for Sandown Bay has been completed, and the results have been posted on Facebook. If…

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