Sharklab’s March 2022 Survey Results

Yaverland beach to Culver Cliffs

Hello All!

Finally, the full March 2022 Shark Eggcase Survey for Sandown Bay has been completed, and the results have been posted on Facebook. If you would like to know how the survey was conducted read on…

Survey Approach 

The survey was conducted over 6 days by the SharkLab Crew but was naturally dictated by the low tides times and the weather – so the survey results do not run concurrently in date or section order! 

I have now sectioned off the entire Sandown Bay beach into 4 Areas, and each Area is broken up into ‘Sections’ which follow obvious land/cliff marks, sea boundaries such as ‘groynes’, local business’ such as cafes and beach hire huts:

Area 1: Luccombe Headland to Small Hope Beach, Shanklin – 19 Sections

Area 2: Small Hope Beach to Sandown Pier – 26 Sections

Area 3: Sandown Pier to Yaverland Car Park – 21 Sections

Area 4: Yaverland Car Park to Culver Cliffs – 12 Sections

In total there are 78 Sections of Sandown Bay Beach to survey for Shark Skate Eggcases (Mermaid’s Purses), and the aim is to survey once a month for this year 2022, to create Baseline data to compare with in future.

My very first post as the SharkLab Technician was following the Area 4 Yaverland Survey for Wed 09MAR22.  Now that I have completed the March 2022 Survey I will post my findings per Survey day (5 out of the 6 days) as it may be useful for Citizen Scientist Shark Hunters to compare notes and pick up TOP TIPS for Hunting Mermaid’s Purses on your surveys too.

So, please see the following posts for the MARCH 2022 Shark Eggcases Survey Results conducted in Sandown Bay by Blue Seas Protection SharkLab team, along with some TOP TIPS for Hunting Mermaid’s Purses!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the SharkLab if you have any queries or to ID your exciting beach marine creatures, and as always, send us your fabulous images of Mermaid’s Purses OR any Seagrass that you find, along with the location, either via facebook or the email below.  We can then ID them for you, record + update the research databases with your ‘finds’!


SharkLab Technician


Blue Seas Protection