Murder in the Faroe Islands – Grindadrap an outdated tradition

Update Sept 2022

Despite over 104,000 signatures and a debate in Parliament, the UK government continues to effectively fund this practice by continuing to trade and import nearly £1billion worth of cod and haddock per annum.

December 2021

Faroese people have been killing whales and dolphins since Viking times. 

The practice originally was to source food for their small island  community. Like many traditions however it quickly became obsolete as the technology and infrastructure advanced. Today the whale hunt or Grindadrap is simply a barbaric act of killing whales and dolphins by driving them to the shore or shallow waters and bludgeoning them. 

Whaling communities and even the Island’s tourist board argue that because there is an abundance of Whales and Dolphins in the Island’s waters it means it is sustainable. However we know that Sustainable does not mean ethical. To put it  simply, killing hundreds of whales and dolphins when you have access to food leaves the tradition of Grindadrap nothing more than a senseless blood sport.

We at Blue Seas Protection call for a boycott of Faroese sourced seafood and the suspension of the £580 million pound post Brexit deal with the islands.  Along with this we have written a letter to Danish Royals to step in and stop this barbaric tradition from taking place.


We implore and beseech you to talk to your people of the Faroe Islands who are hunting whales and killing dolphins for sport.  i.e. Using fast sport boats and jet skis.

Why would you, as a civilised nation, turn your military might against protesters seeking to save whales and small cetaceans from cruel massacre?

In the interests of all humanity the world needs to see you rise up in the interests of the planet, above barbaric acts hiding behind a label of “Tradition” which has absolutely no place in a modern society that no longer requires consumption of whale meat to survive in the 21st. century it is the end of Grindadrap.

A letter from Blue Seas Protection to the Danish Royal Family in September 2021.

Please help out by signing the relevant petition here help stop Grindadrap. You can also donate to our campaign on our GoFundMe page.

Watch a short video below to find out more about the barbaric tradition.