Teesside – die off update of the days 23rd and 24th Jan

Seaweed die off on the beach, Teeside

Update from Stan Rennie – Fisherman in Teesside Dear Efra Committee, MMO, MP’s, Councillors, Interested Parties A short Die Off update of the days for 24/1/25 MMO – Could you add the mass wash up of brown shrimps and dead starfish in the pots off Hartlepool, with those many other incidents I’m still waiting for…

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Stan Rennie, Hartlepool fisherman, interviewed by The Observer over mystery sealife deaths in the proposed freeport area of Tees Valley

a mass of dead crustaceans on sand

Lives and livelihoods destroyed and yet the politicians are still glossing over what has happened. Why??   This is blatant marine ecocide and the rich, powerful perpetrators should compensate those whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed! Read the Observer article that fisherman Stan Rennie was interviewed for – link below: Observer article : ‘We just…

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