Shark Lab Isle of Wight

red seaweed in a jar, in the Shark Lab Isle of Wight

The Shark Lab opened in 2020 to investigate marine organisms and biodiversity


The Isle of Wight has many rare and varied species of flora and fauna and is currently designated a recognised “biosphere” by UNESCO (see for more details). There are 600 Biospheres globally but only 6 in the UK.

Sandown Bay is a Marine Conservation Zone within this Biosphere and we hope that the rare Raja Undulata (undulate ray) – listed as endangered globally on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species within the waters of the Bay – will help protect this cause.

In SharkLab, we work with The Shark Trust, collecting data for the UK database, FIDRA with their nurdle data and Portsmouth University for their Big Microplastics survey. 

We’ve also done a seaweed survey for the Natural History Museum.