Blue Seas Protection – A new boat for the BSP fleet.

Blue Seas Protection has a new vessel to add to our fleet.

As the charity’s new marine conservation vessel, “Coastal Protector” through her paces.

This very useful and powerful twin-screw vessel with a stern moving hydraulic gantry that will be increased to a max lift of 5 tons with a ½ ton lift on the jib extension will be equipped with the Blue Seas Protection, R.O.V.

With the capability to launch the R.O.V 1200MTR with its deep dive capability, we will have a full, underwater survey capability. Along with its capability as a survey vessel, the new Coastal Protector will also be equipped with a seabed levelling plough, salvage emergency pumps and salvage equipment, ready for any and all emergencies.

Our aim is that the vessel will not only be suitable for protecting our Oceans with its environmental capabilities but be open to charter with its CAT-3 MCA Coding and salvage or dive boat abilities too.