fighting for the oceans
never out of our depth

After a lifetime at sea as commercial marine divers,

we have seen the destruction of the oceans over the last 50 years

Blue Seas Protection was founded in the 1980s by marine salvors Captain Silas Oates and his son Captain Garry Oates.

Having lived their professional lives at sea as commercial divers and marine salvage experts,

they experienced first-hand the devastating effects of at the hands of man

“Crimes in the oceans”

"If the ocean dies, we die"

Paul Watson Foundation

Take a Breath and Thank Plankton

One out of every five breaths taken by any (and every) life form on the planet comes from a diatom. Diatoms are a kind of phytoplankton: that is, microscopic plants drifting in all bodies of water. They carry out photosynthetic processes, ultimately producing oxygen in the air we breathe.

Scientist Colleen Durkin - Sea to Space Particle Investigation - NASA

“Microscopic Plankton produce more oxygen than the largest Redwood trees”

noaa (National Ocean Service)

“We hoped that Blue Planet II would open people’s eyes to the damage that we are doing to our oceans and the creatures that live in them.  I never imagined that there would be so many of you who would be inspired to want to change…”

Sir David Attenborough

Blue Seas Protection is a UK registered Marine Conservation Charity [1189529] and is recognised by the United Nations (ID 28379) and UNESCO [28379] Ocean Action Hub SDG14 Sustainable Development Goals; Member of Global Island Partnerships

Seaweed die off on the beach, Teeside

Teesside – die off update of the days 23rd and 24th Jan

26 January 2023

Update from Stan Rennie – Fisherman in Teesside Dear Efra Committee, MMO, MP’s, Councillors, Interested Parties A short Die Off update of the days for…

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On The Hook members update 30.09.22: consultation results published

16 November 2022

On The Hook consultation reveals major concerns about performance of Marine Stewardship Council ecolabel • 77% of respondents to On The Hook consultation felt MSC’s…

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Murder in the Faroe Islands – Grindadrap an outdated tradition

07 September 2022

Update Sept 2022 Despite over 104,000 signatures and a debate in Parliament, the UK government continues to effectively fund this practice by continuing to trade…

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a mass of dead crustaceans on sand

Stan Rennie, Hartlepool fisherman, interviewed by The Observer over mystery sealife deaths in the proposed freeport area of Tees Valley

05 September 2022

Lives and livelihoods destroyed and yet the politicians are still glossing over what has happened. Why??   This is blatant marine ecocide and the rich, powerful…

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black t-shirt with image of planet earth and wording 'Blue Seas Protection - fighting for the oceans, never out of our depth'.

Blue Seas Protection Launches Organic Circular Clothing Store

30 August 2022

A fun collection of Marine Conservation beach and street wear Display your love of all marine life and messages from the sea to all who…

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dead lobster surrounded by other dead crustaceans

NE Fisheries publish their own independent report on mass mortalities along coastline

17 July 2022

Update August 2022 – the carnage continues Heartbreaking to see – what has, and is happening to the Northeast Coast ecosystem. (Scroll down to see…

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Influence Governments

Blue Seas Protection's Mascot Lobby Lobster reaches Westminster Tube Station and stages a sit down protest

Marine Citizen Science

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Image of a Diver observing a Shark swimming by

Local, National, International

Gift Time, Support, Donate

Blue Seas Protection, supported by Dame Joanna Lumley OBE and Brian May CBE

We are very fortunate to have not one, but two fantastic patrons:

Joanna Lumley

Fighting for our oceans - the one and only Dame Joanna Lumley OBE.

Joanna - a household name due to her stellar acting career - is also a tireless environmental and humanitarian campaigner. She has recently been a key campaigner for the 'Stop Sea Blasts' campaign, urging wind farm developers to stop blowing up unexploded WWII bombs in the seas around Britain as it deafens whales and dolphins, and causes huge damage to other marine life.

Brian May

Alongside Joanna is our longstanding friend and patron, Professor Brian May CBE.

Brian says:

"One day man will answer in a cosmic court for his crimes on our planet Earth".

Brian is a legend and powerful, passionate animal protector and also the lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen.

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Blue Seas Protection is a UK registered charity - 1189529 - from 2020 and is recognised by the United Nations (ID 28379) and U.N.E.S.C.O.

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