Response to Island Echo article “Charity boss convicted after row over parking ticket lands him in court”

Link to Island Echo article:

Given that there were no reporters at all at this court hearing, it is amazing how ‘island echo’ does not bother to conduct thorough investigative journalism…but then it is the island echo of whispers, nudge, nudge + wink winks. This was about this man’s only access to his home, a 300 year old small cottage, through a council car park which was dumped in front of it, with only a single point of access in between tight car parking spaces. Car park visitors regularly park on this Right of Access point, which the Isle of Wight Council has only painted a yellow hatch box on the ground.  In fact the cottage has a Right of Access across its entire frontage. 

Traffic Wardens regularly fail to prevent drivers from blocking the access, no tickets or removal of offending cars are issued. In order to ‘abate the nuisance’ Capt Oates (who has been verified as a Captain), was forced to use his own vehicle to sit on top of the only way in/out of his home, so that it remained an emergency access for family members with confirmed health conditions. The ‘Big Boss’ at IOWC told Traffic Wardens to repeatedly ticket his car, over 18 were issued in total, and in July 2022, Northampton County Court threw back the only ticket that IOWC have ever tried to push through the Penalty Notice system, as Capt Oates had presented a strong enough argument to repel IOWC’s harassing and offensive ticket. 

Despite numerous, polite, letters of complaint, IOWC never responded, instead they deployed more tickets using numerous Traffic Wardens. The day before this offence occurred, Capt Oates was told by another Warden that no more tickets would be issued. On the day of the alleged offence, Capt Oates came out of his home to find this Warden again ticketing his car, saying he loved his job and the Big Boss had sent him, the Warden filmed Capt Oates distraught reaction whilst sat in his mobility scooter, which led to a lesser charge finally being brought 10mins before he had to plea with a threat he would go to prison if he pleaded ‘not guilty’. What would you do? 

This is institutional intimidation and harassment and the IOWC is guilty of this offence, but the Court refused to hear all of the background which led up to this ‘offense’ of trying to defend your home and family. Please find out the facts before criticising, Blue Seas Protection will happily answer all of your questions, just contact us for full details. Equally, if you are facing a similar situation with IOWC please contact us for support. To view the full statement, just in case Island Echo can be bothered to post ‘balanced’ journalism, please visit Blue Seas Protection website.