Blue Seas Protection

The marine conservation charity, never out of its depth!

Blue Seas Protection was founded in 1988 by marine salvors Captain Silas Oates and his son Captain Garry Oates.

Having lived their professional lives at sea as commercial divers and marine salvage experts, they experienced first-hand the devastating effects of man’s “Crimes in the oceans” as they term them.

Along with two other Trustees, they formed Blue Seas Protection as a small, constituted charity to fight these crimes.


Blue Seas Protection is a UK registered charity - 1189529 - from 2020 and is recognised by the United Nations (ID 28379) and U.N.E.S.C.O.

Blue Seas Protection - Our Mission:

  1. Combat Overfishing – We will fight to ban the use of 'supertrawlers'. We will work with small, local fisheries supporting IPLNF. We support the Seaspiracy petition to protect 30% of the World’s Oceans from fishing by 2030. (Sign here - Change.Org - We made Seaspiracy. Help us protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 from industrial fishing.)
  2. Project Clean Seas – Blue Seas Protection aims to reduce the amount of waste reaching our waterways, beaches and ultimately the oceans themselves. Fighting to reduce plastic waste, sewage pollution and increase the awareness of discarded fishing nets.
  3. Education – We aim to spread awareness of the situation our oceans are facing, working with schools, community groups and businesses to help them make the changes necessary.
  4. All Hands on Deck – Unfortunately there is a need to protect endangered marine species on a daily basis. Helping to combat issues with ‘bycatch', entanglement in fishing gear and cases of animal cruelty or beaching. Our BSP Marine Mammal Medics are on hand to support any local incidents.
  5. Marine Crime Watch – Working undercover to report breaches of maritime law and to expose corrupt practices around the World.
  6. Climate Fightback – We also aim to do our bit in fighting climate change, sea level rise that affects coastal populations and erosion of coastlines. Blue Seas Protection is a member of the Global Island Partnership.

Do you want to support marine conservation?

Blue Seas Protection, supported by Joanna Lumley OBE and Brian May CBE

We are very fortunate to have not one, but two fantastic patrons:

Joanna Lumley

Fighting for our oceans - the one and only Joanna Lumley OBE.

Joanna - a household name due to her stellar acting career - is also a tireless environmental and humanitarian campaigner. She has recently been a key campaigner for the 'Stop Sea Blasts' campaign, urging wind farm developers to stop blowing up unexploded WWII bombs in the seas around Britain as it deafens whales and dolphins, and causes huge damage to other marine life.

Brian May

Alongside Joanna is our longstanding friend and patron, Dr Brian May CBE.

Brian says:

"One day man will answer in a cosmic court for his crimes on our planet Earth".

Brian is a legend and powerful, passionate animal protector and also the lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen.

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red fish shoal on marine reef


It is time to find out more and get involved with Blue Seas Protection and our mission to save our oceans.